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 *Periodization Training for Optimal Sport Achievements*

     Sport Development International is a progressive sport training development consultancy sitting at the forefront of the latest sport science application schemes. Our expertise extends from designing young and junior athletes' multilateral core motor skills development programs to high performance training plans for elite athletes and team players at national or international level.

     We believe that optimal performance in any sport can only be achieved through a thoroughly planned training process spanning from childhood, adolescence and through sport high performance phases. In accordance with the most recent researches made in sport science and specifically in children exercise physiology, we identified the major flaws of modern sport development towards elite performance as being: early specialization and lack of developmental consistency in some of the major biomotor abilities inherent to any sport practice such as strength, power, muscular endurance, endurance and speed conditioning to name a few.

     In that regard, we focused our programs' design to address these usual weaknesses, hence also ensuring that all the  parameters necessary for a good development plan will be included to optimize the end results. Modern societies are now living in the mindset of instant gratification and reward. There is one thing we know for sure: it doesn't apply to sport. No matter what your goals in sport are, the path of self-confidence, satisfaction, fun and overall sporting success is not a matter of instant achievement, but rather a life long quest for well-being and inner happiness both indeed fundamental for great career achievements in sports.

     We believe at Sport Development International, that we can set you on the right path for your best personal achievements both as an athlete in any sport and as a human being.

     Sport Development International  trains responsible athletes who live a better life!

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